Great customer experience helps small handyman business grow

When it comes to building any business you need to willingly be committed to delivering value and service. And no one knows this better that Jason Kelly, the owner of Leeds-Based Jason’s Handyman & Woodcraft Services.

Ever since he received his first project from a customer living in Otley, West Yorkshire, Jason has fully embraced the importance of offering good value and service to all his customers, no matter how big or small the project. 

“Offering value means undertaking projects within a fair priced structure and delivering a great customer experience means your customers will be happy and keen to recommend you to their friends and family.” stated Jason.

This belief is certainly working as Jason is receiving more and more enquiries from new customers, as well as repeat business from existing customers who live or own properties across the Yorkshire region, including Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate and York; Jason has also started working with homeowners as far as Matlock and Kendal.

Jason offers a range of handyman services, from hanging pictures and mirrors, to hanging doors, laying floors and designing and installing decking. His woodcraft services includes making custom items, including planters, gates, furniture and garden toys. 

Jason’s Handyman & Woodrcaft Service has started to attract so much attention that property companies, including letting agents and estate management companies now make up half of his customer base, which includes a charity company that rescues and restores hundreds of historical properties across the UK. 

Customers are so pleased with his service that they post 5-star reviews on Google, Yell and social media.

“If you do a good job, treat people fairly and take pride in your work, people will naturally want to help you grow your business. Plus, it really shows if you love what you do.” Added Jason.

“A lot of people just don’t have the time to look after those DIY jobs around the house, or are unable to build custom items for their home or business, like storage solutions and furniture; or have the skill set to rebuild walls that have fallen down, or repair, or even make new gates, or install fencing that has been damaged by bad weather. Lucky I can take care of all these types of jobs and much, much more. Plus, those little jobs can, if you give good value and a good customer experience, lead to bigger jobs or repeat business – a lot of my customers are regulars.” Commented Jason. 

If you need help with those little jobs, or those big jobs then contact a handyman

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