Emergency boarding and lock changing

One of my commercial customers recently had had an issue with local youths breaking windows and trying to gain entry into an empty property. The following day they called me and that afternoon I’d boarded the windows and the door.

The same customer was also unable to open the back door, so, after removing the old, damaged 2-lever lock I replaced it with a new 5-lever deadlock for added security.

If you have properties that need boarding up, or old locks removing and replacing with better locks for added security then …whatever the task, just ask!

Toying around

Sometimes it’s great to get those unusual custom projects, like a recent request for a toy box to help celebrate a little boy’s very first Christmas. The grandparents wanted a particular style with some special wording (Twinkle Twinkle Billy Star) on the front of the box.

They also wanted the design to present a light English Oak effect, I even went a step further and got one of my daughters to write out the special inscription in bubble writing, which I then translated into wood, giving it that truly child look.

They are happy and I’m sure Billy will be happy with it too. You never know, Billy may pass this onto his children one day.

Whatever the task, just ask!

Handymanjason Leeds

Storage, inside and outside.

One of my customers wanted a custom storage solution that made use of a small room just off the kitchen. To keep the kitchen design and flow I designed shelving that matched the units and doors.

The same customer also wanted to store away her wheelie bins to soften the look out her front garden and drive.



“Hi Jason

Just got home to see the pantry and I am really pleased with the new shelving – it looks very nice, thank you! Also I like the shed store and the new shelf in the garage.

I gather it was a long day for you and I hope Bill kept you supplied with hot drinks!

Best wishes and many thanks, I am delighted.” Geraldine

Whatever the task, just ask!

Radiator pipes

Radiator pipes are an necessity, but they are also not the nicest of objects to look at, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the same room as a pipe junction!

I received a call from a daughter, whose mother was coming home from hospital after receiving treatment for four months. The daughter asked me f I could box in the pipes ready for her to paint prior to her mother coming home.

Whatever the task, just ask! 

Garden boarder

A small job today, helping a customer prepare their garden for winter. This time the job involed tidying up thier garden and putting in a wooden boarder to retain the small embankment to one side of their house.

The ground needed to be dug out to the required depth and then pressure treated boards were installed, supported by pegs, which were cut to size and then held in place with concrete.

Whatever the task, just ask! 

Garden services

As well as building custom projects for customers, such as dining and side tables, and other handmade furniture items, I’m often called to help sort out my customers’ gardens. This type of work comes in many forms, from pruning and removing old tree stumps, to custom building fencing and gates.

So, if your garden is in need of a tidy up, or you would like new fencing and a new gate then give me a call – I provide free, no obligation survey and quote.

Whatever the task, just ask!JHAWS_black

I will fix.,,

A landlord customer who has a property in West Leeds needed urgent works to make it ready for new tenants.

The works included a new weather bar to the front door, and a new garden gate luck and a wooden bath panel.

If you need small jobs or big jobs on your property then get in touch.

Whatever it is, just ask!