Decked out!

A family in New Farnley, Leeds, had ended up with a decking area that was held up by rotten joists. The decking was uneven and all the joists and framing needed to be replaced. The boards themselves could be saved and reused, which reduced the overall cost of the project and helped the envirnoment by…

Child’s play, St Oswald’s Primary School

A little while ago Nicole, a member of staff at St Oswald’s Primary School in Guisley, Leeds, asked me to make a mud kitchen for their reception class. Following on from the mud kitchen, I returned to make a cafe counter front and seating area for the children to play coffee shop. All the items…

Fence repairs

It’s that time of year when the weather changes and starts to target our garden fencing. Today was spent in Bramhope removing old, damaged fence panels and trellises and replacing them with new ones. Whatever the task, just ask!

Love it! Thank you!

From hanging pictures to building custom woodcraft projects, being a handyman allows me to get involved in lots of different projects – large and small. Recently I was asked to custom build a wheelbarrow planter for a customer’s garden, which they’d seen in a brochure but was too much for them to buy. So, after…

New shed door

Made to order shed door in ilkley by jason’s Hanyman and woodcraft services