Repairing decking

It can be cheaper on your wallet and better for the environment. Repairing old decking is becoming a trend – thankfully – because it’s so much better for the environment. If you are looking to repair your current decking area, or are heating to update your current design then get in touch for a free,…

Custom planters

Looking for custom planters for your garden? These two planters were custom made for a custom in Wortley, Leeds. Whatever the task, just ask! 

Child’s play, St Oswald’s Primary School

A little while ago Nicole, a member of staff at St Oswald’s Primary School in Guisley, Leeds, asked me to make a mud kitchen for their reception class. Following on from the mud kitchen, I returned to make a cafe counter front and seating area for the children to play coffee shop. All the items…

December, full of surprise projects.

It’s been a busy December, handyman and woodcraft projects ranging from fitting blinds, to installing gates, boxing in pipes and consumer units, to replacing rotten thresholds and old broken doors – and new framing; as well as installing oak flooring and custom floating shelving. Why not visit my Instagram page to more details and projects….

From chairs in Ripon to stairs in Greengates

Its been a really busy day today, first I was working in Ripon restoring very old furniture, installing gates and repairing Gothic-style doors, to then works by in Greengates, re-attaching a stair rail and putting up shelves in Greengates. Whatever the task, just ask! 

Window flower box

What do you get if you have spare off-cuts and a request from a valued customer who wants a flower box; you custom make a bespoke design that compliments her home. “Hi Jason and thanks for everything today. V pleased with the window box x.” This project included putting up a mirror and shelf in…

Restoration of 11th century castle

Restoration also forms part of my services, so when the owners of an 11th century castle in North Yorkshire employed me to deal with a number of restoration projects and repairs,  I jumped at the chance. Apart from the new skirting, which boxes in new radiators cables – and once painted will blend in to…

Old Christmas trees

Are you like me and hate waste? Well, if yes, then here’s a nifty idea how to re-purpose your old Christmas treeis. If unlike me you don’t fancy making these, yourself then let me know and I’ll make them for you; I also make many other designs, too. Whatever the task, just ask!

Bespoke gate?

Looking for a bespoke gate? Can’t find the gate to match your garden? I design and build gates to match your needs and wants, so, if you want a truly unique gate that’s bespoke to you – a one-off, then contact me for a free, no obligation quote and design. If a gate isn’t what…

Bespoke bike shed

Looking for a bespoke bike shed. A bespoke bike shed – a one-off – that offers added security? So did Steve from Farsley; he wanted a bespoke bike shed so he could stop storing his bike in the kitchen. This design was handman and completely bespoke to Steve’s budget and need. If you are looking…