From chairs in Ripon to stairs in Greengates

Its been a really busy day today, first I was working in Ripon restoring very old furniture, installing gates and repairing Gothic-style doors, to then works by in Greengates, re-attaching a stair rail and putting up shelves in Greengates. Whatever the task, just ask! 

Love it! Thank you!

From hanging pictures to building custom woodcraft projects, being a handyman allows me to get involved in lots of different projects – large and small. Recently I was asked to custom build a wheelbarrow planter for a customer’s garden, which they’d seen in a brochure but was too much for them to buy. So, after…

Custom woodcraft

A customer from Ilkley wanted a custom towel rail making in keeping with the theme of their bathroom. So, using up cycled materials I made them one using their design. Whatever the task, just ask! 

Window flower box

What do you get if you have spare off-cuts and a request from a valued customer who wants a flower box; you custom make a bespoke design that compliments her home. “Hi Jason and thanks for everything today. V pleased with the window box x.” This project included putting up a mirror and shelf in…

New shed door

Made to order shed door in ilkley by jason’s Hanyman and woodcraft services

Playtime at St Oswald’s

Recently the staff at St Oswald asked me to custom build a mud kitchen for their playground, and because they were happy with the results they asked me if I could also custom build them a sandpit with their remaining budget. So after I designed it, built into modular foam it was ready to be…

More mud pies anyone?

Jason’s handyman and woodcraft services in yorkshire makes a mud kitchen for primary school