Garden Toys

Every child loves playing in the garden during those summer days, and every parent loves to see their children having fun and playing outside. So, to help entertain the child I’ve created some handmade, custom toys, which are now available to order. Each one has been reproduced to following customer commissions.

Ask for a free quote. Or, if you have something particular in mind then give me the details and I’ll make it for you.

Let them make their clubhouse more comfortable with this wooden TV. Code: JKTV1
Play Oven. Product code: JKO1. Price available upon request. Various designs and sizes available.
Sandpit. Product code: JKS01. Price available upon request. Various bespoke sizes available
Fun Childs signpost. Product Code: JKCS01. Price available upon request. Different sizes and designs available.
Childs mud kitchen. Perfect for letting your little ones cook up a muddy feast. Product code: JKMK01. Price available upon request

All these items are handmade. Items are available in sizes to suit your individual needs. Prices and measurements available upon request.

If you haven’t seen what you are looking for and have a design or idea in place then get in touch for your free quote. Thank you!

Prices and sizes are available upon request.

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