New wardobes

Fitted wardrobes and ikea wardrobes by handymanjason Leeds

Changing rooms

It’s been a fun week so far, I’ve transformed a bedroom, come storage room into a new bedroom. first, the room was emptied and most of the furniture was skipped, along with the old carpet and underlay. Then, the room was treated to a fresh coat of paint and a new floor. The bedroom door…

Landlords services

It’s been a day of helping landlords out, sorting out those little, and big repairs ready for the new tenants to move in. Whatever it is, just ask! 

Another bath panel

It seems my made-to-measure wooden bath panels are becoming the in-thing with another order based on a referral. Fancy a made-to-measure bath panel making for your bathroom? Or if you have another project in mind the ‘Whatever it is, just ask.’ “The made-to-measure wooden bath panel Jason made for our rented property looks great! So…