Custom woodsheds

Custom woodsheds are very popular at the moment; I’ve had three commissions in the past 10 days; each one slightly different due to the customers’ own requirements.

Each woodshed is pre-made by me to design of the customer and then delivered and assembled on site.

If you, or someone you know would like a woodshed then get in touch.

Hi Jason. The log store is brilliant! Andy loved it, it was a great surprise for him to come home to. Thanks also for the little piece you made for the back door and for locking the gate. We really appreciate your work and kindness.‘ Julie and Andy

whatever the task, just ask! 

Garden boarder

A small job today, helping a customer prepare their garden for winter. This time the job involed tidying up thier garden and putting in a wooden boarder to retain the small embankment to one side of their house.

The ground needed to be dug out to the required depth and then pressure treated boards were installed, supported by pegs, which were cut to size and then held in place with concrete.

Whatever the task, just ask! 

Garden services

As well as building custom projects for customers, such as dining and side tables, and other handmade furniture items, I’m often called to help sort out my customers’ gardens. This type of work comes in many forms, from pruning and removing old tree stumps, to custom building fencing and gates.

So, if your garden is in need of a tidy up, or you would like new fencing and a new gate then give me a call – I provide free, no obligation survey and quote.

Whatever the task, just ask!JHAWS_black

Garden makeover

A customer moved into their new home and wanted to sort the garden out and do something with the slippery decking. After various concepts they agreed to turf the decking to fit in with their new garden makeover.

So I boarded the decking ready to lay the artificial grass.

The artificial grass arrived and was put down. The customer is happy and their new garden looks great.

Whatever it is, just ask!