Custom woodsheds

Custom woodsheds are very popular at the moment; I’ve had three commissions in the past 10 days; each one slightly different due to the customers’ own requirements.

Each woodshed is pre-made by me to design of the customer and then delivered and assembled on site.

If you, or someone you know would like a woodshed then get in touch.

Hi Jason. The log store is brilliant! Andy loved it, it was a great surprise for him to come home to. Thanks also for the little piece you made for the back door and for locking the gate. We really appreciate your work and kindness.‘ Julie and Andy

whatever the task, just ask! 

Storage, inside and outside.

One of my customers wanted a custom storage solution that made use of a small room just off the kitchen. To keep the kitchen design and flow I designed shelving that matched the units and doors.

The same customer also wanted to store away her wheelie bins to soften the look out her front garden and drive.



“Hi Jason

Just got home to see the pantry and I am really pleased with the new shelving – it looks very nice, thank you! Also I like the shed store and the new shelf in the garage.

I gather it was a long day for you and I hope Bill kept you supplied with hot drinks!

Best wishes and many thanks, I am delighted.” Geraldine

Whatever the task, just ask!

Saving for tomorrow

A customer in Otley lives in a lovely old cottage, but the porch had suffered badly from years of bad weather. My customer wanted to save as much of the porch as possible, so a clinical approach was needed in order to save as much of the original porch as possible.


So after measuring the damaged sections, which included replacing the 1950’s door, the renovation was underway.


So, a new handmade door and a few replacement sections later, the porch is ready for the customer to paint.


Whatever it is, just ask!

“We love it! Absolutely love it! Thank you! We’ve recommended you to a friend to say thank you for all your work.” Julie, Otley.

Another bath panel

It seems my made-to-measure wooden bath panels are becoming the in-thing with another order based on a referral.

Fancy a made-to-measure bath panel making for your bathroom? Or if you have another project in mind the ‘Whatever it is, just ask.’

“The made-to-measure wooden bath panel Jason made for our rented property looks great! So much so I’ve got Jason to make one for our home, too. Thanks Jason.” Alan, Farsley.